Büfékocsi, Food Truck Gyártása és Forgalmazása

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Kiváló minőségű anyagokból készülnek az Európai előírásoknak megfelelően.

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Why Food Truck Hungary?

Our company has been manufacturing and distributing buffet cars for more than 10 years. We can serve our customers and partners with a huge selection and the best price range and quality on the market. Our site is located in Szolnok, where, as our gallery shows, we can search for a solution to everything our customers can imagine. There are opportunities for remodeling either new or used caravans, vans, horse carriers, etc. and we will also happily convert your own vehicles.

We are making the conversion in a short time and we are also offering a solution for our customers who are not thinking about buying a new vehicle, but would still sell their products from a food truck built to a high standard.

When planning, we consider the needs of our customers, from the perfect layout to the perfect style. We pay particular attention to space requirements.

We are happy to install your own furniture in your new food truck, but our partners are at your disposal with the best facilities and machines for installation.

Besides food trucks, we can also set up barber trucks.

We build our trucks according to EU guidelines and the HACCP principles.

Resellers from all over Europe are also welcome to visit us.

Our best team is at your disposal.

You can find our reference works in the gallery.