Food Truck Hungary

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A time may be asked onto a workshop visit, where into her can pour the buffet car into the process of production.


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Managing director: Gábor Komlós
Production manager: Gábor Komlós

Registered office : 5000 Szolnok Csallóköz 29 Hungary
Address of our showroom:
5000 Szolnok Nagy Sándor József út  31/d Hungary
Production site address: 5000 Szolnok Nagy Sándor József út  31/d

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8.00 – 16:30
9.00 – 12.00
Sundays and holidays:

Telephone number

Mobil: +36 30 017 19 68
Mobil: +36 30 78 70 631

Please inquire by phone during opening hours!

E-Mail & web

Email: ,